Lightweight and adaptable connectivity. Everywhere.

At e2E, we want to make satellite-enabled communications accessible for everyone. Our new communications technology, e2Eaccess, does just that.

Smaller, faster, better
e2Eaccess is an innovative small communications terminal - about the size of an iPhone. It's light, leaving you space and weight for other devices. It uses less power than traditional satellite terminals, meaning it's cheaper to buy and run.

It's adaptable for use in a wide range of systems and devices on the ground, air or in space  - such as small satellites, high altitude platforms and unmanned systems.

It can be used everywhere, throughout most bands and frequencies, and across any network - mobile, satellites, and radio.

We've developed it to greatly improve connectivity - particularly beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS).

Our developments happen in-house, quickly - in months, rather than years - so your product can get to market faster.

Next-generation software
Our software-defined radio infrastructure supports a number of frequency bands including L, S-band up to Ka and Ku-band.

e2Eaccess is future-proof, allowing new features and waveforms and features and waveforms to be uploaded easily and quickly, without needing to redesign the hardware.

It can be customised to your needs, with a number of SWaP-out modules which can be procured individually or as a unit.