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Established since 1999, e2E provides communications engineering and technical consultancy services to the satellite communications market. Whilst satellite communications is the dominant sector, terrestrial, wireless and cellular markets are also served. These services are provided in both defence-related and commercial domains.

e2E mainly focuses on the provision of technical services and aims to apply independence, flexibility and pragmatism to complex and challenging problems. The Company appreciates the “bigger picture” in a programme or system by not losing sight of the commercial aspects although often working at the detailed level.

With a large excess of credible and proven experience of complex communications networks and technologies retained within its growing staff base, e2E works efficiently, quickly and to a high standard. Whether it is the supply of subject matter experts, the engineering of a core system component or delivery of test services via a fixed price arrangement, e2E provides an attractive capability to any Organisation operating in the telecommunication systems business and particularly within the satellite communications field.

Whilst the provision of communication-based technical support services to clients is in the core of the Company’s activities, it is increasingly participating in the development of products and applications to support communications and with particular emphasis on the service and network management of Next Generation Networks.

The operations of e2E are ISO 9001:2015 certified.



With “end-to-end” awareness at its core, e2E continues to provide engineering and technical consultancy services to clients operating within the satellite communications Industry. The provision of such services to clients over the years has enabled the Company to be at the forefront of evolving technologies and service innovations. As a result, the Company is increasingly participating in leading edge innovative technologies and applications that support communication networks. Specific emphasis has also been placed on service and network management that underline Next Generation Network node connectivity.

This focus is based on our belief that these new ever increasing array of innovative delivery platforms now entering commercial markets will increasingly enable improved and more cost efficient Next Generation Network architectures to be formed that will support innovative services going forward. This confidence is fuelling our underlying NGN vision and the Research and Development projects being enacted.

In 2011, the e2E Executive Management Board decided that the wealth of technical and operational experiences gained in supporting numerous satellite programmes over the years would be more fully exploited to provide end-to-end solutions to real communication-based problems. As a consequence, the Company Strategy was extended to also encompass innovative technologies and ultimately niche communication services into the remit.

We are certified ISO 9001.